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Barbacoabeef layered in corn tortillas to make tacos. Shown sitting on a light grey serving platter, beef is garnished with cilantro and radishes.


Barbacoais an authentic Mexican dish typically made with beef, goat or lamb. It is traditionally seasoned with dried chilies and spices and slowly cooked until perfectly tender. From there it’s used as a delicious filling for tacos, burritos and so forth.

BarbacoaBeef Video

This is my favorite Barbacoa Beef recipe! I first shared the recipe back in April 2015 but have since decided those photos needed some updating.



Photography credit:Jess Larson

Slow cooker shredded barbacoa beef in a white serving bowl garnished with cilantro.

Ingredients for Barbacoa Beef

  • 查克烤- 这种类型的烤的是它的脂肪大理石花纹最好的在这里。它产生超级投标结果。
  • Vegetable oil- 这是用于褐变烤。
  • Beef broth– chicken broth can be substitute here if that’s what you have.
  • 的Chipotle辣椒- 添加这些美味的辣踢。冻结从罐中任何剩余的后续使用。
  • Garlic– as always I only recommend fresh garlic.
  • Cumin, cloves, oregano, bay leaves- 这些香料和草药补充的味道可口的深度。
  • Salt and pepper –季节与每个因此它不会平淡了相当数量。
  • Fresh lime juice- 一些barbacoa这里好多188bet asia食谱呼吁醋,但我喜欢新鲜石灰。

Ingredients to make barbacoa beef shown here.

How to Make Barbacoa Beef

  • 部分牛肉:剪切烤成6个部分,同时去除任何大块的脂肪。
  • Brown portions:热油煎锅及瘢痕调味牛肉,一半的时间,直到焦黄四面八方。

Browned chuck roast beef chunks to make barbacoa beef.

  • Make chili paste:在一个食品加工机,脉冲一起墨西哥辣椒辣椒,大蒜和1/4杯牛肉汤,直到充分泥。
  • 制作barbacoa酱:打蛋器一起剩余牛肉汤与墨西哥辣椒混合物,小茴香,牛至,盐,胡椒,丁香。
  • Add beef and mixtures to slow cooker: Pour mixture over beef in slow cooker, add bay leaves.


  • Cook in Crockpot low and slow:封面和煮低热8 - 9小时。
  • Shred beef: Remove beef from slow cooker (leave broth) and shred.
  • 混合石灰和休息浸泡口味:Stir lime juice into broth in slow cooker then return beef to slow cooker and cook on low or warm 20 – 30 minutes longer.

Shredded barbacoa beef in a crock pot.

Can I Cook on High Heat in the Slow Cooker?



If you don’t want the kick of the chipotle peppers simply use 4 tsp chili powder instead. Also, skip the food processor step, just mince garlic instead.



  • 玉米饼
  • Burritos (wraps or bowls)
  • 沙拉
  • 玉米片
  • 克萨迪亚斯
  • 肉馅玉米卷饼


  • Lettuce(iceberg, romaine)
  • Cheese(蒙特里杰克,cotija,克索壁画)
  • 番茄
  • 胡荽叶
  • 萝卜
  • 洋葱
  • Guacamole
  • Salsa

Barbacoabeef layered into tacos

双方to Serve with Barbacoa Beef?

更多墨西哥食谱你一定会喜欢188bet asia:


Servings: 8
准备时间 20 分钟
Cook Time 8 hours
总时间 8 hours 20 分钟


  • 3chuck roast
  • Salt and freshly ground black pepper
  • 2大勺vegetable oil
  • 1 1/4牛肉汤,divided
  • 3 - 4在阿斗墨西哥辣椒辣椒*
  • 6蒜瓣
  • 1 1/2大勺ground cumin
  • 1大勺干牛至
  • 1/4茶匙ground cloves
  • 3月桂叶
  • 1/4cupfresh lime juice


  1. 切烤成6个部分,同时去除任何大块的脂肪。烧热1汤匙植物油煎锅。

  2. DAB烤用纸巾擦干,季节与盐和胡椒(约1茶匙盐3/4茶匙胡椒粉)。添加3个回锅及瘢痕,直到各方焦黄。转移到一个慢炖锅。

  3. 加入剩下的1种汤匙植物油回锅重复工艺与其余3个烤。在慢炖锅偶数层雀巢牛肉部分并排。

  4. In a food processor, pulse together chipotle chilies, garlic and 1/4 cup beef broth until well pureed, occasionally stopping and scraping down sides of processor.
  5. 在一个2杯液体量杯或碗中,一起搅拌剩余的牛肉汤与墨西哥辣椒混合物,小茴香,牛至,丁香。倒在牛肉混合物在慢炖锅,然后牛肉部分之间雀巢月桂叶。

  6. Cover and cook on low heat 8 - 9 hours**.

  7. 卸下慢炖锅(假肉汤)和切碎的牛肉。石灰搅拌成汁在慢炖锅肉汤,然后返回牛肉慢炖锅,煮低或暖20 - 30分钟时间。
  8. Strain liquid from beef and serve in tortillas with desired toppings.


  • *If you don't like spicy food replace chipotle chiles with 4 tsp mild chili powder instead.
  • **,我不建议在高温烹饪这个食谱,低烹饪会达到最招标结果。
  • Recipe first shared April 24, 2015, photos have been updated and recipe updated to include just 1/4 tsp cloves instead of 1/2 tsp.
Amount Per Serving
Calories349 来自脂肪的热量207
Fat23g 35%
Saturated Fat 11g 69%
Cholesterol117mg 39%
500mg 22%
685mg 20%
碳水化合物2g 1%
蛋白33g 66%
维生素A45IU 1%
维生素C为3mg 4%
53mg 5%
Iron4.6mg 26%
课程: Main Course
美食: Mexican
Keyword: Barbacoa
作者: Jaclyn